Ajpnia e.V. Wartburgstraße 18    

10825 Berlin


Ajpnia was founded on 14th May 2000 by a group of 14 gay guys who had previously been actively involved in other projects and parties including Schwuz and AHA. The club has been a registered association since 2nd August 2000. Thereafter we looked for suitable premises and then converted them in line with our shared ideas and plans. We all work as volunteers and the club receives no public funding at all. Our aim is to organise and stage a series of independent events in our club rooms and thereby help to promote safer sex, without foregoing any of the fun and mutual enjoyment.

After 13 successful years we had to vacate our original premises on Eisenacherstrasse and for a few months the very existence of the club hung in the balance. At the very last minute we were able to find new premises. Although smaller than the old club, and a little further away from the heart of the gay scene on Motzstrasse, the new club is still easy to get to.

At reception you pay the admission charge and we ask you to take off at least your shoes as the main areas of the club are carpetted, freshly hoovered before every party. It is entirely up to you what else you then take off or leave on. Most guests either wear briefs or nothing at all as it is pleasantly warm in the club.

We don't have a dress-code as such, as we feel no one should be forced to do anything they don't want to. If you feel a little bit self-conscious, or for any reason whatsoever, you wish to keep some items of clothing on, then please feel free to do just that. You then place your belongings into a numbered box at reception. You can access this box at any time you wish to during the party. The reception area is never left unattended so you can safely leave any cash, valuables and mobiles (switched off, please) in your box, rather than having to carry them around with you. The number of your box is then written on your arm so you can then order drinks at the bar where they keep a tab for you.

Apart from the bar/café area, which is immediately beyond the reception area, on the ground floor you will also find the toilets and a shower. If you want to have a quick shower, just ask for a towel at reception. In the basement below is where a lot of the 'action' takes place and where there are private booths and larger communal areas of different sizes and lit in different ways, beds and a video corner. Supplies of condoms and lube can be found in bowls strategically placed around the club and these are regularly topped up. When it's time to leave, just let someone know behind the bar and you then settle your bar tab at reception once you have dressed and are just about to leave. It would be our pleasure to welcome you as a guest in our club. Further details of our individual parties are to be found on our 'What's on' page.

The staff at Ajpnia work on a voluntary basis and the club does not get any public funding. Everything is financed out of the admission charges and from the sale of drinks. Condoms, lube, even the jelly babies and the free towels for the shower – every cent we make is ploughed back into the club for the benefit of our guests. When members of staff aren't on duty they are usually here as normal guests. Whether here privately or to work we all have one common goal and that is to have a wonderful evening or night and a great time in Ajpnia!