Ajpnia e.V. Wartburgstraße 18    

10825 Berlin




You know the feeling ... you have finally finished work for the day and are really longing to wind down and have a break from the daily grind. But it's late in the evening before the first shops, bars and clubs open where you can really relax; in fact it's a bit too late and when they do open it's almost time when you should be thinking about going to bed so that you will be fit again for the following day.
It's a problem, we know, but having talked things over at length with numerous guests we, here at Ajpnia, think we have found the right solution: our 'After-work' parties which take place every Wednesday. Right, first go home, shower and change ... Wrong! The right thing to do is come to Ajpnia, get undressed, have a shower and then you can start to relax ... That sounds more like it, doesn't it? And our 'After-work' parties get underway as early as 7 p.m. And so that you are completely relaxed and fully rested for the following day the party is over by 1 a.m. on Thursday at the latest - at least some of us have an early start the following day! The format of our 'After-work' parties is the same for our 'Late-night' parties.

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