Ajpnia e.V. Wartburgstraße 18    

10825 Berlin




There is still too much discrimination against HIV-positive people and people with AIDS, especially in the sexual context of sex parties, dark rooms, etc. In order to overcome prejudice and to promote a confident interaction with HIV and AIDS, since the club first opened we have held our 'Late-night parties + (previously called 'Positive' parties) on the first, third (and sometimes the fifth) Saturday of every month.
These are gay parties for positive guys (and their friends) at Ajpnia. There are not barebacking parties. There are also not only for positive guys. The idea behind these parties is to offer an evening when you can freely and openly pop a pill, free from having to come up with an excuse for a stay in hospital or explain why you haven't been out on the scene for a while. The format of these 'Late-night' parties + is the same as for our 'Late-night' parties.

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