Ajpnia e.V. Wartburgstraße 18    

10825 Berlin



We are a long-standing club with a rich tradition located to the south of Bayerischer Platz close to the gay scene in Schöneberg and easy to get to.

You can enjoy yourself at over 100 events during the year on our premises.

You can meet and get to know interesting men, have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere or meet up with friends.

We offer a wide range of drinks including a selection of beers, wine, sparkling wine and spirits. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, all very reasonably priced.

We have divided our premises up into several areas, each of which has its own particular charm:



Immediately beyond the reception area you come to the bar and lounge area, where you can easily get to know other guests. Here you can find the almost-legendary Ajpnia sofas. Upstairs, above the bar and lounge area, you can enjoy our relaxation area. Downstairs, in the basement, is our so-called 'action area' with video corner.

Toilets and a shower complete our facilities.

All the members of staff of Ajpnia look forward to meeting you soon.


Smoking is permitted on our premises, access to which is for adults over the age of 18.

As a matter of principle we respect every human being, but would point out that our premises are exclusively for men only.